Information about the Prime Minister's Kisan Pension Yojana scheme.

Information about the Prime Minister's Kisan Pension Yojana scheme.

The Modi government will implement the Kisan Pension Scheme from 9am: Target to connect five crore beneficiaries in the first five years: The government will have an annual burden of Rs. Contribution of 1

The Modi government will now launch a pension scheme for farmers from August 5. The draft of this scheme has been finalized. Senior officials of the Ministry of Agriculture along with the Finance Ministry, Kneedai Lakia have completed this task. According to sources, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will launch Kisan pension scheme on August 3. The Secretary of Agriculture has written a letter to the states and asked to prepare a mechanism for the implementation of the Aquila scheme. Under this scheme, LIC will manage the farmers' pension fund. Under the scheme, Kanyidai Lakiyyu has a provision to provide farmers a pension of Rs. It is worth mentioning that, this scheme will increase the annual Kannadai Lakhi's Rs. 5 crore burden on government exchequer. If the age of the person joining the scheme is 5 years, then he has to contribute Rs. If his age is less than 4, then the contribution amount will be less and if the age is higher then the contribution amount will increase. According to sources, farmers of Kishidai Lakiyi, who are in the age group of 3-5 years, can apply to join the scheme Farmers have to contribute Rs. 5 per month. After the age of 4, he will get a pension of 1 per month. The scheme will be completely voluntary for farmers. Half of it will be contributed by farmers and half will be contributed by the government. Its registration will begin from next week. According to the top officials of the Ministry of Finance Kannidai Lakiye, the scheme will be fully supported by the state governments. States have been told that they should cooperate to maximize the benefit of the farmers. The Central Government will take full responsibility for this and there will be no financial burden on the State Governments.

Information about the Prime Minister's Kisan Pension Yojana scheme.

The Modi government for farmers and the scheme i.e. the pension scheme (Pradhan mantri Kisan Mandhan Sangam) has started. For it today on Saturday, the registration of the second day. Its up to you to find your nearest common service centre (CSC) visiting enter your name users can. The Central Ministry of Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture) Joint Secretary to Sir Singh New Hindi told that the registration for the no fees will look. If a farmer pm-farmer esteem fund (Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme) is taking advantage of him if for it no document will not be taken.

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Pension Yojana 2019Regi Registration.

However, the Aadhar Card (Aadhar Card) for everybody is a must. If a farmer in the middle scheme wants to leave so his money not Dubai. He Scheme until leaving the money deposited won on that saving account interest interest will get. This way any farmer for the scheme of the deficit deal is not.
Maximum Rs 200 per month will be premium
The Ministry of agriculture according to the official Friday morning 11.05 am registration start-up and in the evening to 4 pm, more than a thousand farmers in the registration Karwa had taken. This pension scheme PMKMY under 5 million farmers will get the benefit. Senior citizen (Senior Citizen) contain the same i.e. 60 years of age every month Rs 3000 pension (Pension) will. Making their life significantly easier will be. This scheme eligible from 18 to 40 years of age people are the same. According to the age premium (the Premium) would be much at. Its minimum premium 55 RS and maximum is 200 will. So the same amount the government is also deposit will.
(1) How age at how much premium?-19 years of age at 58 bucks, 20 years on 61, on 21, 64, 22 years on 68, at 23, 72, at 24, 76, 25 on 80, 26 on 85, 27, 90, 28 on 95, 29 at 100, 30 years of age at 105 Rs per month premium will give. Similarly, 31 years farmer monthly 110 Bucks premium will give. Also, after 40 years, every year on Rs 10 premium mounting-mounting 40 years on the 200 bucks will be.

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