Status Downloader for Whatsapp

Status Downloader for Whatsapp

Whatsapp Status Downloader: Save Photo & Video Status From Whatsapp

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As we all know WhatsApp is the world's most popular Messenger App, this WhatsApp Messenger App was launched on January 2010 and today WhatsApp has more than 5 billion users all over the world, and all the service of WhatsApp is absolutely free. |

Today, WhatsApp has become an essential part of our life, because through WhatsApp we can share messages, images, audio, video files with each other with the help of Internet, not only that through WhatsApp we can also share our You can talk to a contact person on a phone call and you can also video chat.

Another new feature of WhatsApp has come, in which we can put any photo and 30-second video in the form of Status, which is for 24 hours, in WhatsApp we can also see the status inserted by our contact.

Many times this happens, we like someone's status, but WhatsApp does not give us this facility that we can download it and share it with others. And we don't even know whatsapp status video kaise download kare

Therefore, the Hindi support team has brought a trick for you through which you can download WhatsApp Status and also share it with others,let us tell you how to download WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp Status Download How to do ??

To download WhatsApp Status, first of all you have to download WhatsApp Status Downloader App. You can also download WhatsApp Status Downloader App by clicking here.

How to save whatsapp status

Open the app after downloading, after opening the app you will have 3 options

  • Recent Stories
  • Saved Stories
  • How to use

Out of that, you click on the earlier option Recent Stories.

Click On Download Button

After clicking, all your contact's WhatsApp Status will be visible in front of you, now click the WhatsApp Status photo video you want to download.

Click on ok


Then turn Ok on Download, your WhatsApp Status will be downloaded, which you can also share.

Here we have told how to save WhatsApp Status and download WhatsApp Status, but if you want to change your WhatsApp Status, then let us tell you how to change WhatsApp Status

How to Change WhatsApp Status

Change WhatsApp Status is very easy, friends, just open WhatsApp in your mobile, then go to the Status section, where you can see the statuses of all your contacts.

At the bottom, you will have the option of a pencil on the right side and the camera below it, if you want to enter the status by writing something, then click on the option with the pencil and write it down.

And if you want to enter WhatsApp Status with photo or video, then click on the camera option, your gallery will open as soon as you click.

Now Ok on the photo or video of which you want to put your WhatsApp Status and then share it, you will get WhatsApp Status Change.

How to delete WhatsApp Status

Here we have also told you how to add WhatsApp Status, now we tell you how to delete WhatsApp Status, Friends, the way to change WhatsApp Status is as easy as it is to delete WhatsApp Status.

You open WhatsApp in your mobile again, then go to the Status section, where you see the status of all your contacts (Show), at the top you will see your WhatsApp Status, there will be three points in front of it, click on it.

After clicking, your WhatsApp Status will be visible to you, now click and hold on the WhatsApp Status you want to delete or delete.

As soon as you keep pressing your WhatsApp Status for a few seconds, you will see the option or logo of Delete, you click on it. Your WhatsApp Status will be deleted as soon as you click.

Did you not see how easy it was to delete WhatsApp Status, friends, today we also told you how to download WhatsApp Status and how to change WhatsApp Status.


Yes friends, how did you like our post today, today we told you whatsapp status download how to do ?? And how to change whatsapp status with this how to delete whatsapp status, hopefully you will have understood and liked it, because today we have given you correct and updated information in simple language, which is useful for you.

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